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Roles and Responsibilities


A number of parties are responsible for ensuring that the Retirement Fund is maintained in a financially sound way that will provide pension benefits for members over the long term. They include:

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the Retirement Fund, including supervision of the administration services provider, the investment manager and others. The Board is also responsible for the approval of the annual audited financial statements.

Administration Services Provider and Consultant

The administration services provider operates the Fund and Plan day-to-day, and is responsible for preparing financial statements, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The administration services provider develops and maintains systems for internal accounting and administrative control. The administration services provider is responsible for handling pension payments in accordance with the Plan documents. The administration service provider and consultant is The McAteer Group of Companies.


The actuary is appointed by the Board of Trustees and carries out an annual valuation of the Pension Plan’s actuarial liabilities in accordance with accepted principles. This involves analyzing the benefits to be provided under the Pension Plan. The actuary uses assumptions about future economic conditions (such as inflation and investment return), demographic factors (such as mortality rates and retirement age) and other factors. The Actuary is Eckler Ltd.

External Auditors

The external auditor is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The auditor’s responsibility, the scope of their examination and their opinion is set out in the Auditors’ Report. The Auditor is BDO Canada LLP.


The custodian holds the Retirement Fund's assets and executes trades under the direction of the Retirement Fund’s investment manager. The custodian is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Custodian is CIBC Mellon Global Securities.

Investment Manager

The investment manager manages a portfolio of assets on behalf of the Retirement Fund, within guidelines set by the Board of Trustees through a Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures. The investment manager is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The investment manager's performance is monitored by the Board of Trustees. The Investment Manager is Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.


Performance Measurement Provider

The Trustees monitor the activities of the investment manager by review of custodial reports. The performance management service gives the Trustees information about the absolute, and relative, performance of the investment manager. Performance measurements services are provided by RBC Dexia Investment Services.